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Thank you Univision 23 for this interview about US, me and my husband, about how we reinvented our photography business during the lockdown due the covid-19.

How we reinvented our business during the lockdown for covid-19 2020

a couple who did not give up before this pandemic and reinvented their selfs to reactivate their business, Laura, tell us, how are they doing? good afternoon.

Ana María, how good to have the opportunity of telling stories of overcoming, of commitment, of people who try their best to get out and move forward.

Ruth and Rolando, they were photographers of parties until recently, but with the arrival of the pandemic there were no more events.

Rolando: "DO not block your self, don't say no, I can't , I have no options, no no no, you have to do your research an go out and fight for it".

 And that's what this couple decided to do, who used to do photography and video of parties before the Coronavirus became a reality.

Ruth: We started the 2020 with 37 signed contracts, 99% of our events have been rescheduled for 2021.

And facing that scenario that would we do ?

Rolando: just Put the batteries in MODE ON to get to transform a garage that was practically raw and make it a studio.

"With some savings and many used things, Rolando decided to build their very own new place of work.

Rolando "We didn't ran out of work, we runned out job  because we have had lots of work running.

" And in only two and a half months, this is the result. Now instead of going with crowds, they got prepared and they are do now children and familiy photography; 

of course following the CDC recommendations 

Ruth: "The families decided that if they couldn't do a party, they couldn't bring their baby to visit his family well, they were going to invest in a photoshoot".

The pandemic (they say), challenged them to see what else they were capable of.

Rolando: "You have to look for what I am good for? how to improve it; if I am a cooker then, let's see how I make the best empanadas, 

let's see to Who I can sell them to, that is, the best taquitos, I don't know, the point is, don't lock yourself up".

This couple had already reinvented themselves before because they were musicians and they changed the instruments for the cameras and now they say they want to go for more because they are offering canvas printing to their customers, so good luck to them. 

Laura Cruces, Univision news 23.

Thank you Voyage Dallas for this interview


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