Would you hire my photography services without seen any picture I ever did ? no, right ? how can a photographer book photoshoots without pictures to show ?

I totally understand that some customers what to keep their privacy, but if you want me as a photographer I will need for sure at least ONE picture to be posted on my social media and website.

Well, that´s why I do always ask a signature on an image and print release; starting April 2021 I added this requeriment from the first moment I send the details and prices.

I am sorry I can not work with you if you don´t allow me to post at least one picture to show the world my work and if you refuse, that doesn´t help my business.

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When babies are less than 20 days are easier to handle; even with that I always like to let babies to be free as much as possible, so I always explain to the parents to don´t wait from me all those complicated poses other photographers do; my style is more airy, and I also do my own set ups and combinations, using all outfits possible up to the baby´s mood. I always take appointments for older babies because I totally understand that maybe were difficult times for the parents to book before de twenty days old. But, the best time to do the newborn photoshoot is from 8 to 15 days old.


hello everybody, I hope you guys are doing great!

I want to let you know that, starting May 2021, I will not do INHOME photoshoots on the Silver Collection or Golden , ONLY Diamond collectionS plus the moving FEE $ 75 dlls. (applys for newborn and smashcakes).

I started doing this INHOMES because of the covid-19, but I don´t move the whole studio, I have portable tools to make it.

A newborn photoshoot is FOR THE BABY ONLY, on my studio I have 3 collections, 2 of them are ONLY for babies only, and the 3rd is with the whole family.

A newborn photoshoot can be around 2-3 hours, if you add the family I need to cut the baby´s time to do family pictures because is tired for the baby! and boring for the siblings. I work on the baby´s mood, if the baby sleep for sure you will have more that you package says, if you baby cryes, I will try to do the best I can to capture memories for you; who knows me knows that I do always my best and always do more, I give my 200 %, but, I don´t want anybody to feel disspointed from me and the way I work. This is the way I work since I started doing family photography, I do work hard, I do care about you and your baby.

I really appreciate your business, let´s work together on your next photoshoot, thank you !